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Beamer themes for presentations in the new (2008) TU/e format

With the depreciation of the SE-slide package due to incompatibility with recent MiKTeX versions, a need for a new LaTeX presentation template has risen. Furthermore, the 2008 rollout of Powerpoint presentation templates according to the new TU/e style guide created another need for updating the SE-slide style.

Beamer class and themes

Several members of the SE community have already had positive experiences with creating their presentation slides using the LaTeX Beamer class, which is part of recent MiKTeX/LaTeX distributions. Therefore, a Beamer theme implementing the new TU/e style is favored. The Formal Methods group of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science has developed such a Beamer theme that implements an early version of the new TU/e presentation style. Developments to make this theme compliant with the latest version of the TU/e style are expected.


  • If you're new to the Beamer class, read the fine manual first (PDF alert). Furthermore, several examples can be found on the Beamer homepage.
  • Usage and download of the tue2008 theme is described on its homepage. You'll also need to download and use the tuestyle package.
  • Do yourself a favor and make sure that you disable the official version such that the theme mimicks the TU/e presentation template for long texts: \usetheme[official=false]{tue2008}. This yields a smaller frametitle box and smaller TU/e logo, amongst others.


At the moment, the tue2008 theme is not yet compliant with the latest version of the TU/e presentation templates for long texts. Several tickets have been filed for updating and enhancing the current version of tue2008. Feel free to contribute to the project.

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