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 +====== Beamer themes for presentations in the new (2008) TU/e format ======
 +With the depreciation of the [[seslide|SE-slide package]] due to incompatibility with recent MiKTeX versions, a need for a new LaTeX presentation template has risen. Furthermore,​ the 2008 rollout of [[http://​​en/​services/​cec/​corporate_communicatie/​corporate_identity/​resources_in_housestyle/​powerpoint_presentations/​|Powerpoint presentation templates]] according to the new TU/e style guide created another need for updating the SE-slide style.
 +===== Beamer class and themes =====
 +Several members of the SE community have already had positive experiences with creating their presentation slides using the [[http://​​|LaTeX Beamer class]], which is part of recent MiKTeX/​LaTeX distributions. Therefore, a Beamer theme implementing the new TU/e style is favored. The Formal Methods group of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science has developed such a [[https://​​trac/​fmlatex/​wiki/​BeamerTheme/​TUe2008|Beamer theme]] that implements an early version of the new TU/e presentation style. Developments to make this theme compliant with the latest version of the TU/e style are expected.
 +===== Usage =====
 +  * If you're new to the Beamer class, read the [[http://​​tex-archive/​macros/​latex/​contrib/​beamer/​doc/​beameruserguide.pdf|fine manual]] first (PDF alert). Furthermore,​ several examples can be found on the [[http://​​|Beamer homepage]].
 +  * Usage and download of the [[https://​​trac/​fmlatex/​wiki/​BeamerTheme/​TUe2008|tue2008 theme]] is described on its homepage. You'll also need to download and use the [[https://​​trac/​fmlatex/​wiki/​Package/​TUeStyle|tuestyle package]].
 +  * Do yourself a favor and make sure that you disable the official version such that the theme mimicks the TU/e presentation template for long texts: ''​\usetheme[official=false]{tue2008}''​. This yields a smaller frametitle box and smaller TU/e logo, amongst others.
 +===== Development =====
 +At the moment, the ''​tue2008''​ theme is not yet compliant with the latest version of the TU/e presentation templates for long texts. Several [[https://​​trac/​fmlatex/​report/​9|tickets]] have been filed for updating and enhancing the current version of ''​tue2008''​. Feel free to contribute to the project.
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