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-Cover page +====== LaTeX/pdf files for the cover page of a report ====== 
 +A tex file and a pdf file are in {{:​latex:​|this}} zipped file that enable you to add a nice cover to your report. Among some unneeded output files it contains the following items in the archives'​ omslag directory:​ 
 +^ Filename ^ Description ^ 
 +| omslag.aux | not needed, TeX compiler output | 
 +| omslag.log | not needed, Tex compiler output | 
 +| omslag.pdf | an example of a cover page in pdf format | 
 +| omslag.synctex | not needed, Tex compiler output | 
 +| omslag.tex | the LaTex source | 
 +| Werkwijze plaatje ....docx | Information on how to changes the size of the photo to get the correct amount of white space on the cover (in Dutch) using the Windows Paint program.| 
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