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 +====== Lot-time diagrams in LaTeX ======
 +There are two pages about creating lot-time diagrams.
 +  * [[latex:​lottime:​pstricks|Lot-time diagrams using pstricks]]
 +  * [[latex:​lottime:​tikz|Lot-time diagrams using tikz]]
 +The latter has less functionality.
 +====== Converting simulation data to lot-time diagrams ======
 +Having a way to make lottime diagrams in LaTeX is good for making nice pictures, but how does one obtain the ''​\lot''​ and/or ''​\batch''​ LaTeX commands from a simulation?
 +The {{:​lottime:​|}} program aims to close this gap.
 +It assumes that the simulation outputs lines like
 +4  M1 8
 +4  BM [2,3,4]
 +8  M1 8
 +10 BM [3,2,4]
 +that is, lines of the form "''​time machine lots''",​ where "''​time''"​ must be a number, "''​machine''"​ must be an identifier, and "''​lots''"​ must be either a lot-number or a list of lot-numbers.
 +The program finds matching combinations of machine-name and lot number(s), and converts the combination to a ''​\lot{}''​ or ''​\batch{}''​ line suitable for inserting in a LaTeX document.
 +The program behaves as a filter, that is, its simplest use is
 +python < simoutput > cmds.tex
 +For more options of the program, run it with a ''​-h''​ (''​--help''​) option.
 +Also, there is {{:​lottime:​lotdiagram-doc.pdf|PDF documentation}} for a complete explanation of the program.
 +====== Development and reporting bugs / comments / suggestions ======
 +Initial concept and document: June 2004 by Joost van Eekelen\\
 +Improvements and extensions: August 2004 by Ad Kock\\
 +Revision and slight extension: May 2006 by Joost van Eekelen\\
 +Useful Python script to generate lot/batch lines: May 2005 by Albert Hofkamp\\
 +Added a page about using tikz for creating LaTeX lottime diagrams: November 2010 by Albert Hofkamp
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