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 +====== LaTeX Style file for SE Reports ======
 +When a paper has been submitted for publication to a journal, it can not yet be refered to.
 +To overcome this problem, SE Reports have been introduced.
 +As soon as a paper has been submitted, we also publish it as an SE Report.
 +For doing so, first contact [[mailto:​​SUBJECT=SE Report nummer nodig|Erjen Lefeber]] for obtaining a report number.
 +Then modify the latex-source of your article to include the following
 +\title{Insert your title here}
 +\author{Insert the authors here}
 +\reportnumber{01} ​                %the number as assigned to you
 +\jaar{2006} ​                      ​%optional:​ year of publication. If not mentioned: date of compilation is used
 +\maand{4} ​                        ​%optional:​ month of publication. If not mentioned: date of compilation is used
 +                                  ​
 +Text for the abstract
 +Note that in order to compile your document you need the file [[http://​​~lefeber/​latex/​sereport.cls|sereport.cls]] (click the link to download the most recent version).
 +This stylefile assumes you have installed tuefont.sty, ​
 +for which instructions can be found at [[http://​​sewiki/​latex/​tuefont|this page]]. Furthermore,​ as sereports are intended for submitted papers, the ''​\chapter''​-command should not be used (although it is available in the sereport.cls).
 +SE Reports can be printed using the standard SE cover, available via Mieke Lousberg.
 +**Two copies of each SE Report need to be given to Erjen Lefeber** (one for the TU/e library, one for the Dutch Royal Library), and at least **one copy needs to be given to Mieke Lousberg** (for archiving).
 +Furthermore,​ send an email to [[mailto:​​SUBJECT=Abstract en pdf van SE Report|Erjen Lefeber]] with both the **abstract** in plain text and the resulting **pdf-file**. He will make the SE Reports available via the [[http://​​sereports|SE Reports website]]
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