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 +===== tuefont.sty =====
 +Currently, in the local files of MikTeX the tuefont is included. However, this font is not easily accessible. This package easily provides the TU/e font to documents since only the command ''​\usepackage{tuefont}''​ is needed in your document.
 +This stylefile assumes that the font-file have already been properly installed.
 +  * For Windows-systems this usually is the case. If not, install MikTex 2.9 as available via \\winstorage\MikTex\miktex29.
 +  * For Linux-systems,​ follow the instructions via [[linuxlocaltexmf]]
 +==== Installation under Windows (MikTex 2.9) ====
 +  - to be added...
 +==== Installation under Linux ====
 +  - Determine the local texmf directory, as described in [[linuxlocaltexmf]]. We assume this is ''/​home/​user/​texmf''​
 +  - Packages should be installed according to the Tex Directory Structure (TDS), so create the directory ''/​home/​user/​texmf/​tex/​latex/​tuefont'',​ by typing ''​mkdir /​home/​user/​texmf/​tex/​latex/​tuefont''​
 +  - Download the file [[http://​​~lefeber/​latex/​tuefont.sty|tuefont.sty]] and save it in that directory
 +  - Make sure the new stylefile can be found by typing ''​texhash''​
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