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 +====== MULTIFORM ======
 +MULTIFORM is a new FP7 European project on networked embedded and control systems - control of large-scale complex distributed systems. It is expected to start 1 September 2008, with a duration of three and a half years. The official web site is [[http://​]].
 +===== Project summary =====
 +The focus of the MULTIFORM project is on the integration and the interoperation of tools and methods based on different modelling formalisms in order to make a significant step towards integrated coherent tool support for the design of large complex controlled systems from the first concept to the implementation and further on over their entire life cycle.
 +By addressing the issue of multi-level multi-formalism control systems modelling and design, this project represents a definite advance over the traditional approach pursued by the control community that focuses solely on the design of control algorithms and, to some extent, their interaction with communication protocols. The multi-formalism approach pursued here reflects the heterogeneous nature of the functionality and of the implementation of controlled systems.
 +The key contribution of the project towards the goal of integrated model-based control systems design is the connection of tools that support the design of different layers of the control hierarchy and on different levels of abstraction. Integration of tools is pursued both along the axes of re-use and consistency of models and data generated in the design process and of feedback and feedforward of results between different levels of abstraction addressed by tools that are based on different formalisms.
 +The project MULTIFORM will address the following issues:
 +  * [[cif:​start|Interchange formats between different tools]]
 +  * Integrated specification and synthesis of control algorithms
 +  * New ways of connecting techniques for analysis and design that are based on different levels of abstraction
 +  * Integration of the tools into a common framework
 +  * Application of multi-formalism analysis and design to challenging real-world case studies
 +===== Research in MULTIFORM at the TU/e =====
 +  * Model exchange based on the [[cif:​start|CIF]]
 +  * Synthesis of supervisory controllers based on [[chi:​start|Chi]] and [[cif:​start|CIF]] models
 +  * Transformations,​ refinements and abstractions of hybrid system models
 +==== Groups involved at TU/e ====
 +Two groups are involved in MULTIFORM at the [[http://​|TU/​e]]:​ the [[http://​|Systems Engineering Group]] (SE) of Mechanical Engineering and the [[http://​​fm|Formal Methods Group]] (FM) of Mathematics and Computer Science. The staff involved is:
 +  * [[http://​​sewiki/​vanbeek| Bert van Beek]] (SE)
 +  * [[http://​​~pcuijper| Pieter Cuijpers]] (FM)
 +  * [[http://​​~josb|prof.dr. Jos Baeten]] (FM)
 +  * [[http://​​se/​showemp_t3.php/​883| Koos Rooda]] (SE)
 +===== International participants ======
 +^ Name ^ Acronym ^ Country ^
 +| Technische Universität Dortmund (coordinator) | TUDO | Germany |
 +| Technische Universiteit Eindhoven | TUE | Netherlands |
 +| Universite Joseph Fourier Grenoble | UJF | France |
 +| RWTH Aachen | RWTH | Germany |
 +| Aalborg Universitet | AAU | Denmark |
 +| Embedded Systems Institute | ESI | Netherlands |
 +| VEMAC GmbH & Co. KG | VEMAC | Germany |
 +| KVCA A/S | KVCA | Denmark |
 +===== Publications =====
 +Below follow the publications that are specific for research carried out in the Multiform project. A large amount of work in Multiform is related to the [[:​cif:​start|Compositional Interchange Format (CIF)]]. These publications can be found at: [[:​cif:​publications|publications on the CIF]].
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