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 +(back to the [[:sedev|SE development page]])
 +====== Trac ======
 +Trac rests on top of Subversion, and provides
 +  * a web interface to the repository, for easy code browsing (and studying differences made in sources over time),
 +  * a Wiki, for easy setting up web pages about the project, and
 +  * a Ticketing system for keeping track of problems that should be addressed.
 +The strong point of Trac is that all the above are well integrated. You can refer to everything eveywhere in the system, eg refer to a source code line (of a specific revision) in a ticket, or to a ticket in a Wiki page. See [[http://​​trac]] for a list of Trac's that are currently being used. Near the top-right is a //​Help/​Guide//​ link (in red) with the online manual of Trac.
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