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 +(back to [[:sedev|SE development page]])
 +====== Ultimate Quality Development System ======
 +The official reference for the Ultimate Quality Development System (UQDS) is [[http://​​trac/​wiki/​UltimateQualityDevelopmentSystem]].
 +Below is a short summary of the method:
 +  * //You only solve concrete problems//. Therefore, always first create a ticket with a problem description (one that is solvable in a short period of time, say 1-2 weeks) if it doesn'​t exist already.
 +  * //The ticket reflects the state of the problem//. Discussions about a problem belong in the ticket. The owner of the ticket is the owner of the problem. The state of the ticket shows the state of the problem.
 +  * //You work in a seperate branch//. Each problem you are working on has its own branch.
 +  * //You commit only in branches//. Since the branches are used to solve problems, you should make (and commit) your changes there.
 +  * //After fixing, have an outsider do a review//. After the problem is solved, somebody not involved in fixing it should have a look at the changes.
 +  * //After approval, merge the fix to trunk//. After the reviewer approves the changes, the changes can be merged from the branch to trunk.
 +===== Combinator =====
 +The Combinator software takes care of branch management for you. It makes copies of trunk to a new branch (''​mkbranch''​),​ and merges changes from a branch back to trunk (''​unbranch''​).
 +It also adds the scripts (in the ''​bin''​ sub-directory) of the //current branch// to your path (use ''​chbranch''​ to switch branches, and ''​whbranch''​ to check what your current branch is).
 +Last but not least, it adds the //current branch// to the PYTHONPATH, making it very convenient to develop Python code with Combinator.
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