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How to get a Linux account

If you are attending an SE course

Students who need to access the serack systems because they are attending one of our courses, usually do not have to anything except registering for that course through OASE. After registration the usercode will be the same as the Windows usercode, except it has the prefix 'tue+'. So, usercode s012345 becomes tue+s0123435 when logging in to one of the Linux systems.

These accounts are only valid until the end of the course year. After that, they will be deleted and all data will be lost.

If you are a guest, or doing a project

If you need a Linux account for an extended period of time, you must let your coach/supervisor apply for an account. The email he/she submits should contain the following information:

  • Your full name.
  • Your (TU/e) email address
  • The sort of account: guest, student, BEP, AIO, staff or other.
  • If available, your current Windows usercode.
  • The (approximate) expiration date of the account.

As soon as the account is created you will receive an email with further instructions.

Once your account is no longer needed or is expired, you may have a lot of data in your home directory. If we receive no indication of the fact that this data should be archived in any way, all your account data will be at the mercy of systems management! This usually means that it will be deleted some time after the expiration of the account. Your coach/supervisor should contact systems management if your data has to be archived in any way.

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