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Overview of supervisory control tooling in a CIF context

Circles: File formats
Arrows: inputs/outputs (solid is mandatory, dashed is optional)
Arrow text: The name of the tool
Diamond: Connects multiple inputs/outputs

File formats
ADS: Automaton file format used among others by Wonham's tct tool. See also creating_and_editing_state_machines and tools.
CFG: Automaton file format used by the SuSyNA tools.
SCIM: File format used by the SCIDE graphical editor to represent automata (plants, requirements, supervisors), as well as logical expressions.
STS: Textual automaton file format used by Ma's NBC tool. See also
SPEC: Textual specification file format used by Ma's NBC tool. See also
BDD: DOT file format used to represent BDDs, as output of Ma's NBC tool. See also
LOGEXPR: Textual file containing logical expressions. See also for the syntax definition.

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