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Installation of the SCIDE graphical editor

For use under Linux, the SCIDE editor is part of the complete toolset that is described under Availablility of the tooling.

For use under Windows, a stand-alone Java implementation of the SCIDE editor is available.

This Windows version of SCIDE can be downloaded from Trac. The currently latest version is available here: file To install the SCIDE editor under Windows, download the zip file and extract it in any directory where you keep programs (e.g. in C:\Program Files, or in C:\). Make sure to use/keep the folder names when extracting the files. The files will be extracted to the directory scide and subdirectories (which will be created). To start the graphical editor execute the command scide.exe, which is located in the newly created directory scide.

The Java SCIDE editor requires the Java run-time environment (JRE) under Windows. If you do not yet have it, it can be obtained from Note that version 1.6 of Java, also called Java 6, is required.

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