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 +===== Languages and applications in hybrid modelling and simulation: Positioning of Chi =====
 +//D.A. van Beek and J.E. Rooda// ​
 +A widely used classification of modelling languages distinguishes the categories continuous-time
 +(CT), discrete-event (DE), discrete-time (DT), and hybrid. For a better insight into the many different hybrid
 +languages, a classification of five categories (CT, CT+, DE, DE+, and CT/DE) is proposed. Each category is
 +explained, together with many of the included languages, simulators, and the associated application fields.
 +Special interest is given to the Chi language used for specification,​ simulation and real-time control of
 +industrial systems. Its CT part is based on (conditional) DAEs, its DE part on Communicating Sequential Processes.
 +The suitability of the language for DE, CT, and CT/DE modelling is illustrated by two cases.
 +//Control Engineering Practice//, vol. 8, no. 1, 81-91, 2000.
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