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 +===== Syntax and Consistent Equation Semantics of Hybrid Chi =====
 +//D.A. van Beek, K.L. Man, M.A. Reniers, J.E. Rooda, R.R.H. Schiffelers//​
 +The hybrid Chi formalism integrates concepts from dynamics and 
 +control theory with concepts from computer science, in particular from process ​
 +algebra and hybrid automata. It integrates ease of modeling with a 
 +straightforward,​ structured operational semantics. Its `consistent equation ​
 +semantics'​ enforces state changes to be consistent with invariants as in most 
 +hybrid automata. Ease of modeling is ensured by means of the following ​
 +concepts: 1) different classes of variables: discrete and continuous, of 
 +subclass jumping or non-jumping,​ and algebraic; 2) strong time determinism of 
 +alternative composition in combination with delayable guards; 3) integration ​
 +of urgent and non-urgent actions; 4) differential algebraic equations as a 
 +process term as in mathematics;​ 5) steady-state initialization;​ and 6) several ​
 +user-friendly modeling extensions. Furthermore,​ the Chi language incorporates ​
 +several concepts for complex system specification:​ 1) process terms for 
 +scoping that integrate abstraction,​ local variables, local channels and 
 +recursion definitions;​ 2) process definition and instantiation that enable ​
 +process re-use, encapsulation,​ hierarchical and/or modular composition of 
 +processes; and 3) different interaction mechanisms: handshake synchronization ​
 +and synchronous communication for discrete-event processes that do not share 
 +variables, and shared variables for continuous-time processes. The syntax and 
 +semantics are illustrated using many different examples. Furthermore,​ general
 +translations from hybrid automata and PWA systems to Chi are given.
 +//Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming//,​ special issue on hybrid systems, ​
 +vol. 68, no. 1-2, 129-210, 2006.
 +[[http://​​10.1016/​j.jlap.2005.10.005|Article directly from Elsevier via DOI link]]\\
 +{{jlap05.pdf|pdf preprint}}
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