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 +==== Multiform meeting 20 November in Eindhoven ====
 +<​del>​Location:​ Room C, University Club, in the main building of the University.
 +From the entrance (revolving door) in the main building ("​Stevinplein,​ Eindhoven"​ in Google maps, see above), you take the wooden stairs up to the first floor. You then continue straight on. After crossing an intersection,​ the university club is the first opportunity to your left (entry via glass doors).
 +Location: Embedded Systems Institute, TU/e-campus Eindhoven, Laplace Building 1.10 (Project Room), see [[http://​​maps?​f=q&​hl=en&​q=N+51.4489+,​+E+5.4895&​layer=&​ie=UTF8&​z=17&​ll=51.449019,​5.489495&​spn=0.003176,​0.010654&​om=1&​iwloc=addr|Location ESI in Google maps]].
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