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 +===== Integrating Continuous-Time and Discrete-Event Concepts in Modelling and Simulation of Manufacturing Machines =====
 +//D.A. van Beek, S.H.F. Gordijn, J.E. Rooda//
 +Using simulation models for the development and testing of control systems can have significant
 +advantages over using real machines. This paper demonstrates the suitability of the Chi language for modelling, simulation and control of manufacturing machines. The language integrates a small number of powerful orthogonal continuous-time and discrete-event concepts. The continuous-time part of Chi is based on DAEs; the discrete-event part is based on a CSP-like concurrent programming language. Models are specified in a symbolic mathematical notation. A case study is presented of a transport system consisting of conveyor belts.
 +//​Simulation Practice and Theory//, vol. 5, 653-669, 1997.
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