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 +======Research proposal======
 +=====Plan of work=====
 +In the above, continuations and intensifications of existing national and international
 +collaborations have been mentioned, which are summarized here:
 +  * D. Armbruster, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA (part-time TU/​e),  ​
 +  * O. Boxma (S. Borst, I. Adan), Mathematics and Computer Science, TU/e and EURANDOM,  ​
 +  * C. Cassandras, Boston University, Boston, MA, USA,  ​
 +  * D. Helbing (S. L\"​ammer),​ TU Dresden, Dresden, Germany,  ​
 +  * G. Leonov, St. Petersburg University, St. Petersburg, Russia,  ​
 +  * A. Robertson, LTH, Lund, Sweden,  ​
 +  * G. Woeginger (C. Hurkens, R. Sitters), Mathematics and Computer Science, TU/​e,  ​
 +Furthermore,​ given the strong relationship of the Systems Engineering Group with NXP
 +Semiconductors (former Philips Semiconductors) results obtained from this project will be
 +applied to the control of semiconductor wafer fabs.
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