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 +====== Research proposal ======
 +The innovative elements of this project are twofold. In literature sofar, most
 +people first propose a policy and then study the resulting network behavior. In
 +case a specific behavior of the network is required, a different approach is
 +needed. The proposal starts from a specific feasible behavior of the network,
 +from which controllers are ''​derived'' ​ that achieve this behavior.
 +The second innovation of this proposal is the idea of using observers for
 +reconstructing (part of) the global state information,​ as well as using
 +observers for designing distributed controllers that achieve feasible a priori
 +specified network behavior. Furthermore,​ as the first results in
 + ​([#​References|references]) show, this idea results not only in tailor made
 +distributed policies that achieve feasible desired network behavior, but the
 +resulting policies are also different from policies as commonly considered in
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