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 +======Research proposal======
 +=====Plan of work=====
 +====Research plan====
 +The proposed research plan consists of three parallel tracks.
 +[[vidi:​track1|Track 1]] is
 +concerned with state feedback control (central control) of general deterministic networks,
 +including transient behavior and robustness to parameter variations.
 +This track is performed by the applicant.
 +[[vidi:​track2|Track 2]] is concerned with observer design
 +and dynamic output feedback control (distributed control) of general deterministic networks.
 +This track is performed by a PhD student under supervision of the applicant.
 +[[vidi:​track3|Track 3]] is concerned with stochastic inter-arrival and service times and
 +performed by a postdoc under supervision of the applicant, in close
 +cooperation with the Stochastic Operations Research Group of prof. Boxma at
 +the department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the TU/e and EURANDOM.
 +  * [[vidi:​track1|Track1:​ Central Control]]
 +  * [[vidi:​track2|Track2:​ Observer design for networks and distributed control]]
 +  * [[vidi:​track3|Track3:​ Stochastic queueing networks]]
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