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 +====== Controller design for flow networks of switched servers with setup times ======
 +===== Summary =====
 +This project is concerned with the controller design for networks of
 +switching servers with setup times, e.g. manufacturing systems or urban road
 +networks (traffic light control). Control of these networks is difficult,
 +since using controllers that are stable for a server in isolation might render
 +the network unstable. Sofar, in literature, most people first propose a
 +policy, and then study the resulting behavior of the network under this
 +In this project we propose an entirely different way of looking at the problem
 +of controlling a network of switching servers with setup times. Instead of
 +starting from a policy and then analyzing the proposed policy, we start from a
 +priori specified desired network behavior. Using this desired behavior for the
 +network under consideration as a starting point, we //derive// a policy
 +which guarantees convergence of the system towards this desired behavior.
 +Though the policy is tailor made for both the network under consideration and
 +its desired behavior, we aim for a general methodology that is applicable to
 +arbitrary networks and arbitrary feasible network behavior.
 +First studies show that this reverse approach by using
 +Lyapunov'​s direct method is indeed promising for a large class of networks and
 +arbitrary desired network behavior. However, the controllers resulting from
 +this approach are global controllers,​ or central controllers.
 +To derive distributed controllers the control theoretical concept of observers
 +is used. As a first study from the applicant shows, this idea not only results
 +in tailor made distributed policies that achieve feasible desired network
 +behavior, but the resulting policies are also different from policies as
 +commonly considered in literature.
 +The outcome from this project are control strategies and rules for deriving
 +network controllers. These algorithms will be implemented at NXP
 +Semiconductors and the city of Eindhoven.
 +==== Keywords ====
 +Flow networks, switched servers, setup times, controller/​observer design,
 +deterministic multi-class fluid queues.
 +===== Research proposal =====
 +See the following link: [[vidi:​research_proposal|Research proposal]]
 +===== Staff =====
 +  * [[http://​​~lefeber|Erjen Lefeber]]
 +  * Yoni Nazarathi, Postdoc
 +  * Dirk van Zwieten, PhD student
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