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 +======Research proposal======
 +=====Plan of work=====
 +====Research plan====
 +===Track 3: Stochastic queueing networks===
 +In the first two tracks controller design methodologies are derived for deterministic networks.
 +Nevertheless,​ the resulting controllers are feedbacks which can also be applied when inter-arrival
 +times and processing times are stochastic. First simulation experiments ​ ([#​References|references])
 +showed some promising results. In  ([#​References|references]) it was shown that the methodology results in
 +distributed controllers as not yet considered in literature.
 +It is worth to analyze the properties of controllers derived by the methodology obtained from
 +Tracks 1 and 2 when inter-arrival times and processing times are stochastic.
 +As already mentioned, this will be joint work with the Stochastic Operations
 +Research Group of prof. Boxma at (Mathematics and Computer Science, TU/e) and EURANDOM.
 +Furthermore,​ when inter-arrival times and/or processing times are stochastic but unknown,
 +and the resulting network controller can be parameterized,​ it is possible to
 +determine the correct parameter setting online from measured data.
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