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 +====== A Python script for translating STS output (BDD) into fsm-files======
 +==== Info ====
 +This script is made in Python by Frank Zeelen and Emiel van de Rijt. It can create a FSM-file (finite state model) containing the feasible state space from the output of the STS tool of Ma and Wonham. ​ This file can be read in a program called Diagraphica made by H. Pretorius ([[http://​​~apretori/​diagraphica/​index.html|Diagraphica]]).
 +Also for the states which are eligible for an event an FSM file can be created. The states that are blocked for a certain event can also be stored in a FSM-file.
 +==== How to use ====
 +The script uses two files, the one contain functions ''​''​ that are used in the other file ''​''​. Both files need to be in the same directory as the output of the STS tool.
 +The file that must be called is ''​''​. Follow the instructions on the screen and a fsm-file is created in the same folder.
 +==== Download ====
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